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Learning Objective

On successful completion of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate basic knowledge on pronoun.
  • analyze uses of pronoun.
  • develop problem-solving skills.
  • apply in real life.


  • Letter: A, a, B, b etc.
  • Consonant: other than A, e, i, o and u.
  • Vovel: A, e, i, o and u
  • Semi-vowels: W & y
  • Word: A group of letters
  • Sentence: Group of words
  • Parts of speech: Noun, pronoun etc.
  • Noun: Touch, See or Fee
  • Kind: Type
  • Gender: Sex
  • Countable: Which can be counted
  • Uncountable: Which cannot be counted
  • Pronoun: Substitute of noun

6.1 Pronoun

=> Pronoun: A word which comes in place of a noun is called a pronoun.


  • I
  • we
  • you
  • she
  • he
  • it
  • they
  • me
  • mine
  • us
  • hime
  • them etc.

Let’s see the following sentences:

  • Ram is a boy. He is good.
  • Rekha is a girl. She is brave.
  • The home is big. It is red.

Table 6.1

Singular Pronoun Plural Pronoun

6.2 Uses


e.g I am a boy.
e.g We are boys.
e.g You are a boy.
e.g You are boys.
HeSingular male
e.g He is a boy.
SheSingular female
e.g She is a girl.
ItSingular thing or small living thing.
e.g It is a pen.
e.g They are boys.

6.3 Person

=> In English, 3 types of person:

6.3.1 First Person

=> A speaker use pronoun for themself is called first person.

e.g I, mine, me, we, ours, us

6.3.2 Second person

=> The pronoun is used for listener is called second person.

e.g you, yours

6.3.2 Third person

5.7 Practice Set


1.Underline all the pronouns in these sentences:

2. Fill up the blanks with suitable pronouns.

3. Make the singular form of the following:

  • cats
  • studios
  • photos
  • benches
  • classes
  • men
  • oxen
  • women
  • pencils
  • copies

4. Choose the singular words.

  • boys
  • dog
  • keys
  • man
  • men

6. Underline all the nouns in the following sentences:

  • Cow is a pet animal.
  • She has legs.
  • What is your name?
  • My name is Query Karo.
  • River flows.

7. Underline all the proper nouns of the followings:

  • Ram is a boy.
  • He has two legs.
  • My name is Query Karo.

8. Make the feminine gender form of the following:

  • boy
  • man
  • father
  • sister
  • god

9. Make the masculine gender form of the following:

  • girl
  • woman
  • mother
  • sister
  • goddess

10. Make the opposite gender form of the following:

  • bitch
  • dog
  • man
  • woman
  • girl
  • god

11. Give any ten examples of uncountable nouns.

12. Give any ten examples of countable nouns.

13. Pick out the uncountable nouns.

  • milk
  • boy
  • cat
  • dog
  • honey

14. Underline the countable nouns.

  • Ram is a boy.
  • She has four legs.
  • I have two pens.
  • River iis situated at Patna.
  • Apple is so toasty.


  1. A word or a group of words that makes complete sense is called a sentence.
  2. Go.
  3. What is this? , This is a book. , Okay.
  4. What is this?, I’m sorry., I’m running.
  5. What is your name?, My name is Query., You are very lucky.
  6. What is your name?, My name is Query Karo.
  7. This is a boy., That is a boy., Who are you?, My name is Query Karo., What is your name?

5.8 Quiz

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Cl-1| English Grammar | Ch-2 | Words: Set 1

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When is a group of letters called a word?

2 / 10

Which of the followings is a one letter word?

3 / 10

Which of the followings is a two letters word?

4 / 10

What is a word?

5 / 10

Give an example of a word.

6 / 10

L + L => ?

7 / 10

Which of the followings is a word?

8 / 10

Is Ram a word?

9 / 10

L => Word

10 / 10

Which of the followings is a three letters word?

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Thank you!

5.9 Test

Q1. Write one word sentence.

Q2. Write five sentences having five worda.

Q3. Define a sentence.

Q4. Is it a sentence?

Q5. Is a sentence it?

5.10 Exam

The exam will be conducted after the completion of the course.

5.11 Ask Question

Ask your doubts here

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